Angie Semi-Heils

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L) sits next to Joseph Daul (R), President of the European People Party at the start of a meeting with the party's members the EU Parliament in Brussels March 28, 2007. REUTERS/Yves Herman (BELGIUM)

Karate Chop Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel gestures during a debate at the German lower house of parliament Bundestag in Berlin March 30, 2007. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann (GERMANY)

"Your balls are mine, Georgie"

U.S. President George W. Bush (R) reacts as he listens to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during the annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner at a hotel in Washington March 28, 2007. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES)


Newt v. Knut...Who Wins?

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/Files (UNITED STATES);(AP Photo/Franka Bruns)

Merkel does Vogue

German Chancellor Angela Merkel gestures during her speech at the 'Globalization and Trans-Atlantic Economic Partnership' conference in Berlin March 19, 2007. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann (GERMANY)

Bad Food, Angie?

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (L-R) Labour Minister Franz Muentefering look at Chancellor Angela Merkel during a session of the German lower house of parliament, Bundestag, in Berlin March 22, 2007. REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz (GERMANY)

Don't be scared, Angie

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, center, walks with her husband Joachim Sauer, right, on their way to a dinner for EU heads of state at the Bellevue Castle in Berlin, Saturday March 24, 2007. European Union leaders meet this weekend to mark 50 years since the bloc was formed by the signing of the Treaty of Rome. They are scheduled to approve a 'Berlin Declaration' to mark the occasion. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn, Pool)


Proud Angie

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stands under the logo of the CeBIT during her visit to the CeBIT computer fair in Hanover March 15, 2007. The world's largest computer and information technology fair CeBIT runs from March 15 to March 21, 2007. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke (GERMANY)

March 17 DC Protest

The Hippies, after recovering from the earlier march surrounding the Capitol, decided to March around the Pentagon. Little did The Hippies know but a band of patriots was descending upon their rally, ready to shout back slogans just as furiously. And now, the pictures.

Right from the start, I knew The Hippies were in for some trouble

Support Our Troops Rally. Mostly biker groups, vets, military families.

Everyone going to the Vietnam Memorial had to pass through metal detectors, even the old man in the wheelchair. You can't blame the cops for searching a man with a sign advocating superior firepower, though.

The Stand-off, one side with American flags (and Irish, it was St Paddy's Day) versus a side with Impeach The Bush and Osama is MzzUndastood! signs. I could only get to the American side, The Hippie side was blocked off from where I was standing. When Cindy Sheehan (who is really James Cromwell, let's face it) was introduced, the American side began booing very loudly, so much so Our Mother Sheehan had to scream into the mic.

The starting point for the march. Mounted riot police began to get into place, fearing a Hippie stampede (most likely caused by the sight of an SUV).

Getting into place at the Memorial Bridge, awaiting the march of The Hippies. One Hippie sentry who saw the American formation yelled "It's a trap, they've surrounded us on both sides of the pass!" He didn't make it.

And so, it begins.

A group of bikers announced their plans to block the entrance to the Memorial Bridge. "They Shall Not Pass!" they cried.

On second thought...

Here they come! The excitement had my fingers tingling. Or was that the 30 degree weather?

Celebrity Sighting Alert! Cindy "James Cromwell" Sheehan, carrying to poster (above the "US") and Cynthia McKinney to the right (above the "out")

Hippie sneers, enraged at the sight of an American flag.
And now to finish, here are some photos of signs, a puppet, and Hippies in costume:


Memoirs of a WikiGeisha

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, seen here in 2006, didn't know he liked to play chess until he read it on the online encyclopedia he helped to create.(AFP/Getty Images/File)

Dead Man Rocking

File photo shows Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen (C), with singer Sammy Hagar (L) and drummer Alex Van Halen, performing during the first of two-sold-out shows at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 6, 2004. The rock group is touring in support of the new two-disc compilation 'The Best of Both Worlds.' Picture taken August 6. (Ethan Miller/Reuters)

Reuters again

I must say, this is one of their better "Heil" pics recently

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso (L) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel gesture during a meeting of social partners at a European Union leaders summit in Brussels March 8, 2007. EU heads of state and government will put their weight behind ambitious goals to fight climate change on Thursday in a move Germany hopes will spur similar action from the United States and other big polluters worldwide. REUTERS/Yves Herman (BELGIUM)

Angela Merkel, our little BundesBond

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a news conference after a meeting of social partners at a European Union leaders summit in Brussels March 8, 2007. (Yves Herman/Reuters)

"She's the crazy one"

(AFP/KABC/File) (AP Photo/Virginia Mayo)

"Angie, this is God. Invade. NOW!"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks at a news conference after a European Union heads of state and government summit in Brussels March 9, 2007. European Union leaders agreed a full package of binding measures on Friday to build a common energy policy and fight climate change, challenging the world to follow suit, Merkel said. REUTERS/Yves Herman (BELGIUM)


Is that your natural color?

I've always had a thing for blond bitches (too easy my friends, too easy)
And get this, she carries a socialite in her purse! That's hot!

Moscow dog : A dog sits on the ring at the international dogs exhibition Eurasia 2007 in Moscow. (AFP/Alexander Titorenko)

"It's all so strange"

"A man has never made me feel this way before. I think I want to kiss you. Would that be o.k.?"

Oscar and Melissa : Rocker Melissa Ethridge shows her Oscar for the Best Original Song "I Need to Wake Up" from the documentary "An inconvenient Truth," at the 79th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California. (AFP/Robyn Beck)

Another Heil

Who knew Chirac had some Vichy in him?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Jacques Chirac (L) wave as they arrive in front of the newly restored government guest house Schloss Meseberg some 70 kilometres north of Berlin February 23, 2007. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann (GERMANY)

Why nobody watches The Today Show

NBC 'Today Show' co-host Meredith Vieira has her helmet strap adjusted before she competed against her colleagues in a toboggan run down a slope of snow imported onto the show's Rockefeller Plaza set in New York, Thursday, March 1, 2007, in a show that paid tribute to the nation's winter festivals. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Poor Angie!

The weight of the world is on your shoulders...
A burden too heavy to bear...

REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz (GERMANY)