Prius Pricks

It was a sight to behold...
The Blockbuster Video I use is in a large shopping center, with a Gold's Gym, liquor store and Giant supermarket. I usually park near Giant, and walk to Blockbuster if I am going to both places in the same trip. I went to Blockbuster first, and when I exited to walk over to Giant, I noticed a Toyota Prius pulling out. I continued walking over to Giant, and then saw THE SAME Prius pulling in and parking. That's right, someone drove roughly 65 yards from Blockbuster to Giant. Now, the reason this is hilarious is that the person was driving a Prius, presumably to save money on gas, or to save the environment. Either way, their motive for driving a Prius is undermined by driving to different stores within the same complex. The driver wanted people to praise her for driving a Prius, but doesn't want to do the small, unnoticed things that really matter (like walking her fat ass over to Giant). She probably keeps her lights on in her house, runs the water, etc. but really takes to heart that she drives a Prius, so she's doing her part to save the world.
By the way, I like Hybrids, but be consistent.

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