"Israel out of the Middle East!"

Demonstrators march past the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. Thousands of people demonstrated outside the White House to protest Israel's US-backed military operations in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.(AFP/Mandel Ngan)

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition hosted yet another "Tribute to Goebbels" March this past Saturday, complete with Burka-clad grandmothers and kids wearing Olive Garden tablecloths. I ran into it by accident, as I got caught in the middle of the march while jogging through DC. Over my mp3 player I heard the distant chants of "Israel out of the Middle East" and the favorite "Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation!" I walked up 15th St. and ran into some people from Free Republic who were counter-protesting. Things got heated, and cops were guarding them from the crowd. Many of the marchers, eager to show their peaceful nature, shouted "Come over here, you coward!" and "I'll kick your Zionist ass!" Overall, it was cheaper than buying Syriana but I got the same message: blame the Jews, Bush is Satan, and the more of your body that's covered, the more street cred you have. Pics at the link below:

Age of Hooper (The)

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