Chargers are shooting themselves in the foot again, although this time I think it might be intentional. Spanos doesn't want to spend money, and wants to move the team. What better way then once again tearing apart the team (a la 1996), getting rid of Schottenheimer, and using poor attendance as an excuse to get out of town. The fact that Brees gave his all to this team, and played brilliantly, and the Chargers still might get rid of him shows the type of ownership we have...willing to screw over the good guys, from Harrison to Bobby Ross to now Brees. So if you are going to play for the Chargers, better not get too good, or off you go!

SAN DIEGO (AP) -- The Chargers are primed to let quarterback Drew Brees test free agency.
San Diego general manager A. J. Smith said Monday the team has declined to designate Brees, who played at Purdue during 1997-2000, as its franchise or transition player. The deadline for designating a player with either tag is Thursday.

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