Rosie Warns on Iran

HAHA Someone told Rosie O'Donnell she's relevant...

Posted by ro @ 3:35 pm in in the news
feb 17 2005i wrote

“i saw on cnn
in the paper
an ariel shot of some place in iran

wake up moms
we have seen this before
iraq - remember
same photos
same terror talk

1,300 of our kids dead
130,000 innocent iraqi’s
but who is counting

moms - it is up to us
no to iran
no to syria -
no to north korea

no you cannot have our sons and daughters
no - no
i am the mom - that’s why

now feb 8 2006
iran here we come

should people USE
a queens funeral
2 speak of naked emperors
war crimes

as live tv
is now the only place
where freedom of the press
rules supreme

there r other options
we know this spiritually
war is terrorism

every life counts

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