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New York Press editors resign over Mohammed cartoons
Wed Feb 8, 6:41 PM ET
The editors of a New York alternative newspaper resigned over the publishers' refusal to carry cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that have provoked a storm in the Muslim world.

Harry Siegel, editor in chief of the New York Press -- the city's second-largest free weekly -- said the newspaper had betrayed its own principles by not re-printing the cartoons that first appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

Siegel resigned along with the managing editor, arts editor and the paper's city hall reporter.

While acknowledging that the New York Press was far from a big player on the media scene, he said resignation was the only choice.

"Even on the far margins of the world-historical stage, we are not willing to side with the enemies of the values we hold dear, a free press not least among them," he said.

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