Protest Part I

January 27, 2006. The day was cold, my friends, yet sunny. I made it to the mall around 10:30, and stopped by the Air and Space Museum to buy a disposable camera. Now armed, I headed out. What I saw shocked me:

The mall was mostly deserted at this time, as most of the hippies were just waking up. However, for the early birds, there was a hand puppet show, complete with acordion:

Since not much was happening on the mall, I headed a few blocks downtown, to Pennsylvania Avenue, where I spotted the herd of hippies lumbering to the mall stage.

I began to hear folk music beaming from the mall, and I knew that this would, like the scent of a lion pride on the Serengeti, spurn the hippie herd to stampede towards the music. I quickly maneouvered to outgain the hippies and made it to the grass before most of the crowd. More and more protesters were heading in from downtown and the Metro stations, and I took this opportunity to take some pics of the puppets that had gathered on the grass.

I started to circle the crowd, looking for the more outlandish of the signs. Most of the signs were the same, focusing on Iraq, Katrina, Iran and Israel. I noticed a man and woman who recently read Jimmy Carter's book (we found the person that bought it, the search is over!) and the man proudly pointed his sign toward me when he saw my camera raised and ready:
I decided to head towards the Washington Monument, and check out the flow of hippies moving in toward the stage.

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