Protest Part III

After lunch, I ended up behind the main stage, between the stage and the Capitol building. The hippies were giddy with excitement, ready to "speak truth to power" by walking in a circle with a sign.

I usually try to anticipate the march route and walk ahead of the march, in order to see the clashes between the protesters and the counter-protesters. Unfortunately, I made a wrong turn and was suddenly caught in the middle of the march. For 15 minutes I attempted various escape routs, all to no avail. I felt like Mustafa in the Lion King when he was trapped in the water buffalo stampede. Finally I made it out, and walked up Independence Avenue, opposite the direction of the march. Like Lot's wife I turned and saw the horrifying scene of thousands of hippies, anarchists, puppets and union goons on the move, trying helplessly to coordinate their movements, and having not turned into salt I continued up the hill.

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