Protest Part II

While heading to the back, I passed this public hanging, and of course it was Bush, nude, strung up on the tree with red, white and blue cowboy boots. The sign read "What's good for the goose" and Bush had a sign on his chest which read "Gander":

The speakers on the main stage, including Kucinich, Conyers, and other fossils, were mostly screaming about bringing troops home, though they carefully avoided any impeachment talk. After heading toward the back of the crowd, I spotted the pro-Iranian protesters. One gentleman had an interesting, and confusing sign, which read "25,000 Jews Prefer Iran" :

I suppose Iran has 25,000 Jews living there, which to Iranians mean they have 25,000 reasons not to throw away those old pizza ovens they bought on E-Bay from Buchenwald. Or it could mean that 25,000 Jews would rather live in Iran than the US. Hey, even Dr. Kevorkian had patients. Suddenly, I began to feel a pounding in my head. Was it a headache? No, a bongo circle! No protest is complete without it, and nothing grants a young college kid immediate anti-Kultur street cred quite like straddling a bongo and banging away.

After having to feign interest in the bongo-banging in order to get close enough for a picture (few head nods to the beat, couple shoulder shakes) I headed downtown to find lunch, which ended up being some Mrs. Field's cookies from CVS (hey, Potbelly's was too busy).

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