Protest Part IV

After making it up to First street, I headed toward the Supreme Court, where the Capitol police had placed a bus to block any further marching down the street.

The crowd had yet to make it up the hill, and there were only a handful of protesters who had made it up to the top, where they had to circle back (I think they later changed the route to allow them down Independence Avenue). It seemed that the boost from the organic rice cakes had proven to be inadequate for the energy the hippies needed to make it up the hill.

At the steps of the Supreme Court, a hippie dressed in fatigues with blood smeared on his body sang a couple songs which I don't think anyone understood. Lots of people gave him wierd looks, none gave any coins.

Suddenly, I spotted a crowd that had just reached the top of the hill. Their chants had longer breaks between them, giving the hippies time to catch their breath from climbing the hill. As the group passed me, I spotted Sean Penn, Jesse Jackson, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins et cetera. As the throng passed me, I drew out my camera and took a shot, catching a few of them.

Right behind them, the group of Iraq war veterans, marching with people calling them war criminals. Since they haven't turned themselves into the Hague, I guess "I was just following orders" is a just excuse now.

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